• The Scott Herckis Approach to Business

  • Posted on December 15, 2016
  • Because of his level of experience, Scott Herckis has a keen understanding that the process of finding and acquiring outside financing to either start a business or grow it is always extremely difficult. However, as hard as everything is, it is the first round of venture capital financing that is absolutely one of the most difficult things a business will ever experience.

    It is the difficulty of round one financing that encouraged Scott Herckis to found SJH Financial in 2009. He founded the firm because he had a desire to assist The owners of small businesses with making the best possible decisions when it came to finances. What has made Scott Herckis and SJH Financial special has been their strong ability to communicate with every single client in a way that applies to everyone. The professionals at SJH Financial, especially Scott, have the ability to explain the intricate details of every financial transaction to clients, and they won’t stop until they know for a fact that the client understands everything. SJH Financial’s approach to business success is based on a simple concept that Scott Herckis holds very close. If the client doesn’t fully understand the financial advice given, then it is worthless.

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